Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Simple menu

Do you struggle with grocery shopping?  In our family, we go once a week.  I try to make a list ahead of time.  The non food items are easy to come up with.  I'm tired of buying prepackaged foods.  Lately I've gotten into a slump.  When I sat down to prepare this weeks list, I decided to first make a simple chart.  I divided it into sections.  1) muffins-banana 2) soup-vegetable w/ black beans 3) meat-turkey 4) breakfast-homemade granola 5) smoothie-yogurt w/ raspberries (from our garden) 6) salad-spinach 7)bread-who bread from .  I'm going to focus on these sections each week and see where it takes me.   I'm not going crazy here people.  Just a little extra time spent.  I need to make this simple.  Remember, the word I chose for this year is to simplify.   I'm loving this word.  My sewing room has benefited already from this.  Everything that is in there I love or need.  I can't wait to do this with the other rooms in my house.       

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