Monday, January 10, 2011

Childhood Treasures

Every Monday I will post an item that I have kept from my childhood.  I'm looking forward to reliving these memories and sharing them with my daughters and with anyone who stops by.  Please feel free to comment and let me know if you shared some of these same treasures.

While going through some of the containers holding all of my sewing supplies, I stumbled upon one holding books that I kept from my childhood.  Quite often my parents would let me order books from the book orders sent home from school.  As soon as I saw Annie, it brought back all these memories.  The songs from the movie, and my Annie doll that came with a "gold" locket.  Saturday night I showed my girls the book.  We were going to settle down to read it.  They asked me if we had the movie, and at that moment, I realized that we did.  I ran around trying to locate it, thankfully it was right where it was suppose  to be.  So after making a call to my hubby for some tech help (v.c.r. isn't hooked up, ugh) we sat together and watched one of my favorite movies.  At the end, they decided it was one of their favorites too!  The singing get me every time.  It transported me back to a time when I was their age.  Pure goodness!  If you are having a bad day today just think, "The sun will come out tomorrow!"

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