Monday, January 31, 2011

Childhood Treasures

Just setting up all these little people by Fisher Price bring back many memories.  We had the garage with the elevator and also the a-frame house.  We would play with these for hours.  I loved putting the "gas" in the cars.  That little detail on the cars was perfect. We didn't worry at the time that they were small and probably a chocking hazard!  Today's little people aren't as cute.  I'm glad my mom kept these all these years.  I got them out for my girls to play with a few years ago.  The still love making up all kinds of stories with them.  Did you play with little people?  If so, what ones do you remember having?


  1. I love these! I had them too, but not as many. I remember I had a bus. The dog made me smile, because I totally remember that one. Not sure if my parents still kept any? We ended up donating a lot of our toys. I'll have to check when I go back to visit.

  2. These are great....I still have mine too. I have the school house and playground set. It is packed in the basement with my Barbie stuff. When the boys were little they loved to play with my little people (they didn't have an interest in the Barbies). I kept them at my mom and dad's house and when we would visit they would pull all of them out and play for hours. . It is great to see kids playing with toys like this that use the imagination.