Tuesday, January 11, 2011


My sewing room is finally done!  Over the weekend I went through all my bins of fabric.  After lugging them upstairs one at a time I vowed not to buy any more for awhile.  We'll see how long that lasts!  Anywho, my fabulous husband made me shelves after a trip to Lowes.  That store is so overwhelming!  He also put shelves in the closet for all (some) of the girls toys.  I love it when they come up and play on the rug when I'm sewing away.  I'm going to have to hide the owls.  They saw them on the cutting board waiting to be brought to life and were asking for them.  How am I suppose to get them into the shop?!  Hunter (my youngest) did have a point though, she is the only one who doesn't own one yet.  I'll show you the window once I can get the stickers off it (fire safety).  They are on the outside and as my hubby put it, "I'm not going on the roof and risk sliding off."  We do have several inches of snow here.  Loving this weather, no really I am.   

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