Monday, January 17, 2011

Childhood Treasures

If you are just stopping by, this is my second Monday post about items from my childhood.  I'll be doing this every Monday.  I have kept quite a few things!  I'm glad I did since I have three girls.  They love playing with my toys and I love seeing them play with all of it!

This week I had to share my two boys-Danny Ashley and Cedrick Norvil.  No, I didn't have to go looking for the birth certificate's.  Their names just rolled off my tongue.  It's funny, I never wanted a girl cabbage patch (I think it was the yarn hair).  Danny was my first one.  My Mom had to endure the whole craze, lines and all.  I've told my girls the story and I still don't think they truly understand how crazy it was!  Cedrick was my next one.  He's a preemie.  My Mom had clothes made for them.  I love the details in the clothing.  I especially love the coat.  From an early age I was exposed to handmade.  I think that is why I love handmade so much.  Did you have a cabbage patch when you were growing up ?

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  1. I just love garbage pail kids. Is the middle one acne annie? Love it!!!