Friday, September 30, 2011

Last evening it poured.  It was just what we have been waiting for.  The sound of the rain hitting our tin roof was soothing.  I was in the kitchen fixing fried rice watching the rain jump off the ground as it hit.  Water was flowing down our dirt road.   Then I realized I needed carrots and that we were out of eggs.  I found my garden shoes and quickly put my jacket on and went out the door.  Pulling carrots in the rain was actually kinda fun.  Thankfully, when I made my way to the coup I found 2 eggs.  Exactly what I needed.  This is why I love where we live.  For moments like this.  Walking back in the door with food for our family from our backyard.  As a mom, it made me feel very thankful.  The fried rice was excellent as usual.  If you'd like to make it, hop over to   She has a lovely blog.  One of my daily must reads! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shop Changes

It has taken me a few months to get my shop to where it is today.  I've been working at improving the color choices for my flowers.  Finally, I'm at a happy place with the way it looks.  I think my favorite is golden rod?  What color do you like best? 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Item

So....I don't usually post pictures of me on my blog, but I really like how my new hair clips turned out.  I have to thank the middle child for being patient with her mama.  She did a good job and made me laugh!  I attached an alligator clip and pinback so that it can be worn as a hair clip or pinned on a blouse, purse, pillow, etc.  I think I need to make some for me :)

Apple Orchard

Yesterday we went to the apple orchard.  We came home with 3 huge bags of apples.  Two bags of Macintosh apples will be used to make pies and apple sauce.  I'm hoping to have lots to enjoy over the winter.  We picked one bags of Cortland apples to eat now.  I made one pie for the freezer and one pie that we had last night.  I would have made more, but I ran out of flour.   Have any of you ever canned apple sauce.  What recipe do you use?   

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

So the table that I got this past weekend has ended up in my sewing room.  It was like it was meant to be.  Really.  I now have a place that is big enough for my cutting mat.  I can already feel my head swarming of ideas.  Since I was up there, I felt the need to clean the room.  Burlap makes a huge mess.  It gets everywhere.  While it was tidy I decided to take some new pictures.   

Vintage Formica Table

We went to visit my grandparents this weekend.  I ended up coming home with a few treasures that I'm in love with :)  This formica table was actually in my apartment when I was little.  To bring it home today was such a great feeling.  I'm having a hard time deciding where to put it.  I know I could really use it in my sewing room but it's too pretty to have up there out of the way.  I think some furniture rearranging might be in store this week.  I'll wait until I'm alone and can take my time and think.  Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Here and There

The kids are back in school and I'm figuring out a new routine.  I substitute at our local school.  It's a job that I love.  It's hard to plan out my days since I don't always know ahead of time if I'm working.  On mornings that I don't go to work, I have tried to establish a routine.  After dropping the kids off at school, I try and squeeze in my run.  It is my favorite time to run.  I love feeling the cool breeze on my face.  Then  I come home and take care of laundry and start my to do list for the shop.  I get butterflies when I think about my etsy business.  It makes me so happy!

Our yard is quickly changing.  The leaves are already turning and falling off the trees.  The black walnuts are dropping to the ground.  Pumpkins are ready to be picked.  Now, I need to find a safe place to put them away from the chickens!  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Goal Setting

This post is to make me more accountable for reaching my goals.  I'm far from perfect.  My to do list is always overflowing.  Here are a few goals I want to reach by the end of this weekend.  Feel free to share yours in the comments.  Plus comments inspire me to try harder :)

1. run 10 miles total

2. finish decorating our bedroom (yes, the headboard is done, but that's it).

3. write in my journal at night

4. start thinking about Christmas gifts, ugh!

5.purchase pie tins for freezing apple pies, yum :)

6. make something new for the shop

7. do a craft with the girls

Follow to see what goals she's reaching.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick DIY Craft

 Today, I want to show you a quick and easy craft.  I made one of these frames (minus the burlap) to place on our headboard.  I loved it so much I decided to make one for our living room.  Do you want make to make one?

- a frame (mine was free)
-mailbox letters, I found mine at the hardware store
-scrapbook paper
-hot glue gun

First, hot glue burlap on the back of the frame.  Next, glue down the scrapbook paper.  Yes, I love my glue gun!  Then, I peeled the backs off the letters and placed them the way I liked.  Now enjoy your beautiful inexpensive art! 

I'm linking up today with Heather

Friday, September 9, 2011

Random Friday

It's turning out to be a beautiful day here.  I've made my list of things I want to get done today.  I think I can get most of it done.  I always struggle with list making.  I need to be realistic.  I could go on and on!  So here's a few things that I'm tackling today:

- make pumpkin muffins

- create new headbands for the shop.  Supplies should be coming in the mail today! :)

- cut the super high grass (this may not happen since it's very wet this morning)

- work on a Quick DIY blog post for next week

- clean up my studio.  Burlap makes a mess!

- take the dogs on a walk

What does your list look like?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm in Love....

Yes it's true, I have fallen for a vintage industrial blue fan!  I went to an estate sale and came home with a bunch of vintage finds.  I will share the others once I get shades for some of them.   I know...more lamps!!!  The fan can be hung as well.  It works great too!  Forgive me for going on about this latest find.  I think it's one of my favorites.

I'm linking up with Gussy of today.  Her inspiration workshop topic is books.  The fan is sitting on a collections of Nancy Drew books.  I think I read most of the series growing up.  It was when I knew I loved to read.  Thankfully I had a library just down the street from our house.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The beginning of Jadiecakes

Last fall I bought some vintage bias tape.  I tried different ways to make a flower and ended up with my own little creation of a flower.  I quickly ran out of vintage bias tape and started purchasing it at JoAnn's. Now, here I am with hundreds of my burlap flower pillows sold.  I never thought I'd have pillows in stores across the United States.  I love how I can sit in my home and sew meaningful pillows for people in places I can only dream about.  O.k. before I get all is what I made yesterday.  I've been asked to make a couple ring bearer pillows in the past.  I know, what a special honor.  I wanted them to be customizable, elegant, but affordable.  Weddings are expensive enough, right?  So what so you think?  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Three Months

Oh Bruin, you have already stolen our hearts. It's feels like we've had you longer than 2 weeks! Thank you for letting us snuggle with you so much. :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Childhood Treasures

I was cleaning out my daughter Hunter's closet the other day and stumbled upon a few dresses that I wore when I was little.  The lace one is my favorite.  It must have taken forever to make.  Many of my dresses were handmade.  Another reason I think I'm so addicted to anything handmade.  I wonder if my daughters will feel the same when they get older? Speaking of that, I will probably be up late tonight working on a skirt for Hunter's first day of school tomorrow.  Yes, I'm last minute...I'm trying to break that habit for my husbands sanity. :)

The giveaway winners are:

16" x16" pillow- Wendy

11" x 8 1/2"  pillow- Casey

Thanks to all who entered and for the sweet comments here and on facebook!  You guys are great! :)

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Freezer Cooking

Friday my oldest went to 7th grade orientation. I.can'  Thankfully she liked it and I'm sure it's going to be another great year.  I decided to keep busy and do a little freezer cooking.  Another school year is upon us and I want to have some homemade food ready for the kiddos.  So, away I went and made waffles, 2 chocolate chip banana breads, energy bites, and a strawberry blueberry pie.  I only took a few pictures and yes, we did eat some of the food already, um the pie is gone.

If you haven't already entered the giveaway, make sure you comment in the giveaway post.  I'll choose a winner tonight and include it in tomorrow's post.