Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter picnic

We are on winter break.  It's a sunny but cold day.   Hunter asked me what we were going to do today.  She suggested having a picnic.  I asked her if she meant inside.  Crazy Mommy, outside of course!  I let her plan it.  We went out with clementines, peanuts, hot cocoa, and a blanket.  They gulped that cocoa down fast.  It didn't stay hot for long. Yes, our fingers were cold peeling those clementines but it was a moment that we will not soon forget.  Oh, if you look close at the footprint picture, Hunter made a snowman using her boots.  I love it.  Thank you my dear children for showing me to enjoy the little moments. 


  1. I'm still trying to catch my breath! Did you really just comment?! I love your blog! Go check out dig this chick if you haven't already.

  2. Hunter is a genius. Will definitely have to do this next year. Already feeling more spring than winter around here.