Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thirteen Years

Thirteen years ago, I became a mother. Little did I know that two more daughters would follow. I never thought I'd be a mom to three girls.  Today, we celebrate that life changing moment.  The moment when I saw my husband become a dad.  I was amazed at his patience and willingness to help out in any way possible.  He changed diapers and got her dressed and even helped give the first bath.  Nothing phased him.  He has played a huge part in the girl, now teenager she has become.  We will celebrate tonight with handmade Snoopy garland and some vintage party favors.  Most of all we will celebrate the beginning of our family.   


  1. This is short, but lovely post, and I thank you for sharing your heart. My husband and I will have been married 8 years this May, and while we have yet to become parents together, we have become dog-parents :) It sounds silly, but the changes I saw in him with our sweet pup made me all the more excited for when we decide to bring a life into this world.

    The Snoopy garland is darling :)


  2. Thank you Cara or the sweet words! We had our dogs first, and I remember how very special they were and still are to us!