Sunday, October 23, 2011

Saturday craft

It's been awhile since I crafted with the girls. I hate to admit this. My cutting mat was under a pile of fabric and I just couldn't imagine doing a project like this without it. First we made braided necklaces out of t-shirts. This is one of the easiest crafts and so very inexpensive! Just my kind of craft. I cut strips of t- shirts that were thin and 100 percent cotton. Next we pulled the strips so they started to curl a bit in on the sides. Then we just braided them and tied a knot. Elara's turned out beautifully! Since I had the mat and rotary cutter out, I decided why don't I make an even bigger mess and get out some fabric scraps. Yes, if you look closely, that is a punch bowl with all my fabric in it. This is when I knew I had a fabric problem! Anyways, we saw this on I will definitely be making more. I love how both of these turned out. Again, cheap and it kept us all busy for a couple of hours:)

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