Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall Nesting

The weather has been unseasonably warm. I didn't let the warm weather get in the way. Around here the weather can change rapidly. One day we can be in the 80's, the next a killing frost. I got the wool blankets out for all the beds. This year, I decided to put the red with black stripe Hudson Bay blanket on our bed. Yesterday, we carved pumpkins. Thankfully, hubby suggested we carve out the pumpkins on the porch-not in the houses like in years past! When we were all done, I threw some garlic, salt and a dash of oil then roasted them. They were enjoyed by all except the littlest. Jumping in the leaves came next. Raking up the same pile over and over again. We love good old fashioned traditions. The leaves have been breath taking. I love them early in the morning as the sun shines on them for the first time. The colors are so vibrant. I keep reminding the girls that trees don't change color everywhere. We are so used to this change. Sometimes we all take it for granted.

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