Friday, September 30, 2011

Last evening it poured.  It was just what we have been waiting for.  The sound of the rain hitting our tin roof was soothing.  I was in the kitchen fixing fried rice watching the rain jump off the ground as it hit.  Water was flowing down our dirt road.   Then I realized I needed carrots and that we were out of eggs.  I found my garden shoes and quickly put my jacket on and went out the door.  Pulling carrots in the rain was actually kinda fun.  Thankfully, when I made my way to the coup I found 2 eggs.  Exactly what I needed.  This is why I love where we live.  For moments like this.  Walking back in the door with food for our family from our backyard.  As a mom, it made me feel very thankful.  The fried rice was excellent as usual.  If you'd like to make it, hop over to   She has a lovely blog.  One of my daily must reads! 

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