Thursday, March 17, 2011

An important date with the littlest

This afternoon it was just me and the littlest.  My hubby and the other two girls went skiing.  They are taking advantage of this day because it might possibly be the last time they go this season (umm, fingers crossed).  I'm tired of the snow.  I'm so ready for Spring!  Since the time change earlier this week, I have felt so much better.  We have been going on walks at night.  Soon, we'll be getting the bikes out. 

I decided to let Hunter plan our time outside.  She has great ideas anyways!  Remember the winter picnic?  First, we built a penguin in  the snow.  Boy. am I ever glad that I bought some snow pants earlier in the year.  The snow was very wet!  Next, we made a soup in a huge mud puddle (pothole).  We added all kinds of things for seasonings.  Then, we tried to play hopscotch but sank in the snow.

I couldn't help but take some pictures of the area we enjoy during the summer.  Our deck by the pool that we eat many meals on.  Our pool that is used so many days and evenings.  Our garden and raspberry bushes that I can't wait for.  So much to look forward to.  This moment though, was the most important to me right now,  Just me and my girl.  She was leading me this afternoon.  Teaching me to slow down and I loved it! 

P.S. Did you notice the chicken and cat within close proximity in the puddle picture?  

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