Saturday, March 12, 2011

Catching up

I had plans to link up with Simple Mom ( Friday.  I love her blog.  She has a great blog full of useful topics.  I  enjoy her money and home organization series.  TSH has so much information that I could spend hours in the archives.  She has a 5 week challenge going on right now.  5 hot spots in the home.  I was pumped to start.  It started on Monday.  Now, I'm going to be honest.  I think I gasped, closed my eyes and said a not so nice word!   The hot spot of the week closet.  At first I wanted to back out.  I started to have thoughts about taking pictures of my clothes.  Closets are very personal.  People would be looking into a place few people see.  When I have friends over I don't say, "Hey, come look at my closet."  I decided I needed to do this.  Get over my fear.  So here it is.  Here's the before and  after.  Join me Monday in tackling the next hot spot.  Let's hope it's not so personal this time!   Btw, I have garbage bag full to donate and 4 bags of sheets that need to find another place to live besides my tiny closet.  Guess I'll have to clean out another closet to make room for them!

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  1. Go Tara...I am so proud of you! I wish I could go through my closet but the thought is too scary at the moment (hold me). I will be doing it soon once the weather decides to stay warm (picture me pouting since it is an all day joke.) I will need to be drinking wine from a "Big Carl" to tackle my boxes of summer/spring clothes to switch out with the fall/winter clothes that now inhabit my closets and drawers. I have dreams of a big closet where my clothes for all the seasons can live together in perfect harmony...aww...such a sweet thought...Ha!