Saturday, March 26, 2011

Craft Fair 2011

A while back I was asked if I wanted to be in a craft fair in April.  It was a couple months ago and I told myself that I wasn't going to stress out.  I have quite a bit in stock right now in my shop that I plan on taking out for just that day.  Right now I'm offering free shipping on orders over $30.00 to U.S. addresses.   I do want to make a few other items for the fair (it's 1 week from today).  I plan on adding some Easter bunnies, spring wreaths, button rings, and a few needle felted pillows.  I'll post a preview here next week.  Most importantly I'm going to tell myself not to stress out.  O.k. that will be hard not to do!   


  1. Is it your first craft fair? It will be wonderful! So much different when someone can actually pick up your items. I'm sure they will be hooked after that.

  2. No, I did a few last fall. It's fun meeting fellow crafters.