Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Where I am today

I am over at this super sweet blog today, www.ashlemieux.blogspot.com.  Come over and visit.  Ashley's doing a fabulous giveaway that I'm proud to be a part of (she also has an awesome blog)!

Here are a few random things:

~school shopping is not done, and I'm not ready
~our summer list is only half checked off
~ the tooth fairy had to come visit on our trip to Maine
~I need some new music, any ideas?
~it's so dry here, we haven't mowed the lawn in over 7 weeks
~I got an oil painting from my grandfather (his antique shop)
~I need to look for floor covering
~We are ready for a chocolate lab puppy (maybe should hold off on that new flooring)!
~I've been eating way too much salt water taffy since we got home

What are some random things about you?

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