Sunday, August 28, 2011

So, imagine my surprise when I was scrolling down one of my favorite blogs and saw that my thrifty bedroom redo was featured along with some very cool projects.  If you are checking out my blog for the first time from welcome!  So here is a little recap of our week:

I received these fabulous prints from  I love them.  This is the second time I have purchased prints from this lovely etsy shop.

I ran out to our garden this morning and picked as many tomatoes as I could.  I didn't know if the wind from Irene might damage our plants.  Now, what do I do with all of them? 

This week looks like a busy one.  I am looking forward to sharpening all those pencil crayons and pencils.  Why does that give me such satisfaction.  Our oldest will be going to school on Friday as a SEVENTH grader!  That day might be as bad as how I felt when she went to kindergarten.  We will also be finishing up what we can on our summer list.  We still have time, right?  Hope you are all safe this weekend. 

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