Saturday, May 14, 2011

Growing Up in an Antique Shop

Hair Receiver (used long ago to store hair in)
Growing up, my grandfather had an antique store.  He still has it now and he is in his nineties!  I would spend lots of time helping him.  One of the best parts (let me tell you there were lots of great parts) was displaying the antiques in the windows.  I would search the store for items that went together.  It's almost like making treasuries on Etsy, except I got to feel each piece.  Many times, people would come in with things to sell.  Sometimes it was sad seeing them sell something that was a family heirloom.  I think that this experience contributed to my love for things thrifted.  Many times I can get lost thinking about the life an item had before it ended up in my hands.    

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