Saturday, December 18, 2010

Our Charlie Brown Tree

We live on a tree farm with thousands of balsam fir trees and other varieties.  At Christmas friends and family come and pick out a tree.  Our trees aren't prunned.  We love that about them!  Every year we go into the woods behind our house and tag a tree before the snow gets too deep.  This year, we wanted to decorate it on the first Friday night in December.  Only problem, it was going to rain that day.  My husband went out and chopped it down early before work and put it in our garage.  The kids were excited, tree decorating was still going to happen that evening!  Lucky for us they have a great dad!  This year was the same as years past, we put on colored lights and all the precious decorations that we have gathered over the years.  No color themes here!  We like it this way. It's personal, ours.  The tree  is surrounded by a skirt that I made a few years ago.  Handprints of my littles circle the tree.  Full of love, full of the spirit of Christmas.

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